Client Reviews

 "I was plagued by self doubt and negative beliefs that were preventing me from achieving my desires. Geraecka utilized direct, head-on correction of negative thought patterns combined with compassion, patience, and humor. In just 2 months, I was able to be myself and connect with the woman of my dreams. I went from idealizing her and hardly able to talk to her to knowing her in the most intimate of ways and sharing a deep and mutual love. My dreams came true!"   - J.L., Gainesville, FL


"I am blown away by how much I learned in a single session! This is such a game-changer. I only wish I had known about HGC sooner, could have saved me years of dating blunders and confusion. Now, I feel excited and confident before and during a date instead of nervous and jittery. Thanks, Geraecka! I feel like a new man!"    -Chris J., Jacksonville, FL


 "What separates Geraecka from other practitioners in this field is her unique wealth of experiential knowledge combined with her huge heart. Not only is she a solid person and good fucking girl who strives to do the right thing, take the high road and be the best she can be, she also has lived a very unique life that has awarded her a wide range of skills and an deep understanding of social dynamics. Geraecka is a very wise soul with so much to offer the world. She sincerely wants to help, and she sees the best in people. She is a hard worker is committed to getting the job done. It is simple, Geraecka knows! She understands in great detail, how women think and what it takes to win their heart, plus she also understands how men think and how we operate. Since I met her my life has gotten better and better, and now I'm living out my dreams! Geraecka Lyonns will be an asset to anyone and any business she is involved in, and I highly recommend her services."  -Zac Chester Gainesville, Fl


"I have always been the "Nice guy" sitting in the friend zone. Through this work I have been able to come out of my shell and stand in my own power. I have gained huge amounts of confidence in just a few short sessions. I'm looking forward to further explorations through Higher Ground Connections. I am no stranger to working with someone around my deepest issues. I received Bioenergetic Therapy from the late Robert Glazer for over ten years. The level of depth, sense of a "safe container" around the session, and the excitement around bringing change that Geraecka brings to each session is outstanding. The work is solid. I recommend booking a session highly. It's well worth it. Enjoy a new feeling of freedom... I am."  - Steven Crosby, Gainesville, FL


"This was a transformative experience that caused a fundamental shift in my life! What seemed impossible magically turned into reality! Suddenly I was with the woman of my dreams and had broken through many barriers of self-doubt and heart-ache!"  -Z, Gainesville, FL