Let’s Talk about Sex 

 Have you ever wished you had an open, knowledgeable and completely comfortable woman to discuss sex and intimacy with? Someone you could literally ask anything and trust you were receiving expert advice and experienced wisdom? Well, this is your lucky day, because here is an opportunity to learn from someone with extensive training and personal/professional experience in the following areas:

*Reproductive Health, Anatomy and Physiology

*Midwifery, childbirth, contraception, conception and women’s health

*Human sexuality (includes hetero-, homo-, bi-, trans- and poly-)

*The art of seduction and foreplay

*Female orgasm and sexual arousal

*Fetish play, BDSM, dominance and submission

*Masculine and Feminine attraction dynamics

*Tantric Sex

*Healing and preventing impotence, naturally

*Semen retention and ejaculation control

*Tantric and Taoist bedroom arts

*Polyamory and Group Sex

*Genital Piercings

. . . and much, much more.

Ask me anything! (Consensual adult topics only) I am happy to give you as much detailed information and instruction as you want. Personally, this is my idea of doing my part to ensure more women are having delicious, pleasurable, multi-orgasmic sexual experiences. So, as long as your goal is to please and satisfy women, I am honored and eager to teach you whatever you want to learn. 

Let's Talk About Sex