Ideal Partner and Relationship Clarity and Strategy Plan

We start with a 1-hour private coaching and clarity session on WHO and WHAT you are really looking for in a new female partner, lover and romantic relationship. After this session, you’ll receive an emailed packet that asks specific questions to get this new found clarity on paper and in the process, help you consciously create and design your new partner and relationship. This is a process I have used for well over a decade to get incredible results and clarity on a partner/lover avatar, . . . it works like magic and will help you to focus and magnify to you what you are ready to attract in your love life and romantic relationship.

Once I receive your completed packet, I will immediately make a detailed and thorough Strategy and Action Plan with daily and weekly actions steps to help you attract, find and create this ideal partner and relationship.

 Then we have a 1 hour private coaching session to go over any feedback I may have on your completed packet and dive in to the Action Plan, giving you step-by step guidance on where to go, what to do and what internal work needs to be done in order to bring this person into your life and your arms.