Break-Up Repair and Prevention

Three 1-hr private coaching sessions designed to diagnose and assess current relationship challenges and the cause for break-up or on going conflict. This is for you if you had a recent break-up or a pattern of breaking-up in a relationship you want to keep and see succeed. I will diagnose the cause of the break-up or conflict, uncover what led up to it and help you understand how your partner is thinking and feeling about you and what happened. From there, we will strategize an ACTION PLAN to re-new attraction, trust and communication between the 2 of you that include:

*How to apologize and make amends so she will want to listen and communicate with you

*Dismantling the pattern and behaviors that create conflict and sabotage relationships

*Techniques to breathe life and attraction back into your relationship

*Development of the necessary skills you may be lacking that will enable you to succeed in love and intimacy