What is Dating and Intimacy Coaching?

Whether you are single, recently recovering from a breakup/separation, in a long-term relationship or just wishing to have more options and adventure in your love life, Higher Ground Connections, Dating and Intimacy Coaching for Men can assist you in gaining clarity and clearing any blocks that are currently holding you back from the love and intimacy you want to experience.

     These Dating and Intimacy Packages are designed for men who are ready to step up their game, activate their passion and purpose, and best of all. . .

REALLY attract the LIFE and LOVE they are ready to create!

I’m Geraecka Lyonns, Dating and Intimacy Coach for Men.

For over 2 decades now, I have been the confidant Wing-Girl, counselor and sister-in-arms to my wonderful diverse group of male friends and 'brothers'. A 20 year career in construction placed me in deep conversations with my male co-workers on the daily, and I learned a great deal about how differently men and women perceive and experience intimacy and sexuality.

Men would confide in me time and again about their confusion, fear of rejection, and just plain frustration with dating and their relationships with women.

The weirdest thing is that these guys were successful professionals, talented artists, kind, intelligent, hard working guys who have a lot to offer a girlfriend, lover, or wife, yet kept getting ignored, or 'friend zoned' by the women they wanted connection with,

or . . . 

kept unconsciously chasing after women who were unavailable, needy, controlling, or just plain dysfunctional.

I kept noticing this pattern and began to clearly see why these great guys were failing at love and what simple, yet important changes they needed to make in order to have the outcome they want:

Satisfying Love Lives, Great Sex, Deep Connection and Feeling Loved and Respected.


You don't ever need to settle for inappropriate encounters, or give up thinking decent 'nice guys' are destined to be lonely, while jerks with less to offer get the girl.

Real, lasting attraction, love and intimacy are available for everyone who  are willing to take the necessary steps toward creating what they want!  

Begin coaching with me and see for yourself . . .

From the very start, we will dive in and uncover any patterns and conflicting beliefs that could be weakening your confidence and diluting your masculine power. Once resistance is cleared, my  honest and supportive feedback and guidance will help you transform your challenge areas, support you in polishing your personal magnetism and attraction.

Imagine what it would be like to have consistent accountability, vital resources and training, and support every step of the way in being the BEST version of YOU!

It is my commitment to help you make steady, dramatic progress until you have upgraded the quality of your love life and have the romantic intimacy of your Dreams

What are you waiting for?

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My clients come from all walks of life, ages, cultures, ethnicities and are in different phases and cycles of love, intimacy, and relationship.

From the recently divorced or separated, to those who have spent their entire adult lives married to their career and are now wishing and longing for love, romance and partnership .

From the completely inexperienced who have no clue how to talk to beautiful, attractive women (let alone know how to get them to come home with them, or what to do if they did!), to those who have been in and out of numerous failed relationships (all with the same pattern of disappointment and frustration).

What my clients all do have in common is an eagerness and deliberate intention to understand women, become great lovers, be powerfully present communicators, and actively create the love life of their DREAMS!

I coach men who are ready to transform their relationships 

Whether you want more Fun, Freedom and Pleasure in your romantic encounters, to attract the girl of your dreams or find that perfect partner for marriage, I am dedicated to your success and invested in you getting the results you want, and even better than you ever hoped for!

 My clients are having wonderfully exciting results! Imagine what it could be like for you to experience:

  • Going from being stuck in a  long-term friends’ zone to finally having the woman of your dreams in your arms (and bed).
  • The removal of deep pain, anguish and heartache post break-up so you can re-focus on your career and future goals without distraction and with more confidence than ever before.
  • Going from social awkwardness and zero sex appeal to feeling so very confident in your body, style and ways you comfortably approach, attract and seduce beautiful women.

(and these are just a few examples)

Many of my clients come to me to learn how to approach women with confidence and authenticity, healthy, balanced, attractive masculinity, not the sleazy or creepy ways proposed by most online dating programs for men.

Wouldn’t you rather learn about women from a woman who truly knows what women want, instead of from some cocky pick-up-artist?

Work with me and I’ll give you the real-deal inside scoop of how to get sexy, high-quality women's attention and leave lasting, positive impressions that keep you on her mind (it is probably not at all what you think!)!!!

Get the invaluable information you receive from my detailed Date Assessment and Evaluation Report I offer after a one-on-one Simulated Date (yes, this can be done in person and remotely too!). This gives you an uncensored female view of how you interact and come across during a date. Where else can you find that type of precious, eye-opening, brutally honest feedback? Just imagine how this will up your game! Click HERE for more info.

Or, take advantage of my personal consulting help and find their own up-graded sense of style and feel their sexy activated after an Appearance and Style Full Makeover.  Click HERE for more info. 

Go deep and fearless with me in those self-sabotaging sticky places to heal old wounds and childhood traumas that used to wreak havoc in each of the new relationships they found themselves in.

Does this sound familiar?

Well, no worries. There are simple and even fun ways to re-program your mind and habits to work for you in positive and productive ways. You are not stuck repeating the past for the rest of your life, and I am committed to helping you.

Learn about new, fun seductive ways to attract, tease, please and keep your lovely love interests coming back for more and more. And ALL of my clients learn about understanding women better,  . . .

  • how to decipher our sometimes fickle complex minds
  • what helps women feel safe and able to really surrender and be receptive to you in relationship
  • how to harness and cultivate balanced, healthy masculine power 
  • the most effective ways to activate your individual, innate PURPOSE as a Man (this is crucial to fully embodying personal power and potential!)

If this sounds like what your inner self has been calling out and asking for, then don’t wait any longer.

Just imagine your life with that delicious, beautiful woman in your arms, kissing, loving and adoring you. Someone who appreciates and respects you. Someone to share and celebrate your triumphs and successes,  . . . someone to come home to, or comfort you on those rough days.

A best friend, confidant, playmate and partner.

Imagine all the joy, pleasure and highs of falling in love and the thrill of having that special someone to travel, play, and grow with!

No more getting stuck in the friends' zone or resigning yourself to a life of loneliness due to feeling shy, socially awkward, fearful of rejection, geeky, creepy or inexperienced.

Get started today and check out my result-getting coaching packages HERE, . . . or better yet

. . . go ahead and CONTACT ME today and we can find the perfect plan to get you on your path of romance and intimacy.

No more delays . . . your new, deliciously attractive life awaits!


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Geraecka Lyonns, instructor, empath, ordained Unity Minister and Power of Co-Creation Facilitator has extensive training, certifications and professional experience in the following areas: 

  • Life Coaching
  • Communication
  • Spiritual Counseling
  • Shadow Therapy
  • Relationships, Sexuality, Tantra, Dating and Attraction
  • Yoga, Martial Arts and Exercise
  • Midwifery, Women's Health, Reproductive Health
  • Law of Attraction
  • EFT, Trauma Healing, NLP
  • Holistic Health and Wellness, Diet/Nutrition 

There is really no limit to the work we can do together!!!

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